• Generation


    This field mainly contains power station & auxiliaries, power plant automation and...

  • Renewable Energy

    Renewable Energy

    In the fields of wind power generation, PV generation and hydropower generation, a...

  • Stability Control

    Stability Control

    This category contains power system security and stability analysis & control, power grid...

  • Transmission


    This field contains the substation automation system, relay protection, electronic...

  • Distribution


    We are leading in standard formulation, consultation, product R&D and engineering...

  • IT & Communication

    IT & Communication

    We carry out the R&D on systems and devices, including information management,...

  • Industrial Control

    Industrial Control

    We have been always devoting ourselves to providing high-quality products and services...

  • Rail Transportation

    Rail Transportation

    It covers various core products, including comprehensive monitoring sub-system, electric...

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