Total Solution for Micro-grid Management

Nari is dedicated to offering intelligent and reliable total solutions for micro-grid and facilitates clean, efficient and safe use of new energy. We have both the experience and the proven technology for micro-grid projects. We are the turnkey solution provider and our services and supports start from the initial planning stage to the post-project maintenance. 

There are generally two types of micro-grid solutions in terms of applications. One is applied in residential communities, hotels, shopping malls in urban areas to improve the reliability and quality of power supply; the other in remote areas such as villages, grasslands and islands to utilize local renewable energy resources to provide electricity. 

  • Overview
  • Key Functions
  • Advantages

Our micro-grid solutions mainly include the following products, NMC8100 Micro-grid Operation Controller, NMC8601 Micro-grid Integration Interface Device, MC8602 Micro-grid Controlling and Protection Device, NMC8608 Micro-grid Stabilizing Device and NMC8661 Load Controller. 

NMC8100 Micro-grid Operation Controller: an operation controlling device to tackle the problem of intermittency of distributed power and ensure the constant and stable operation of micro-grid. 

NMC8601 Micro-grid Integration Interface Device: to protect distributed power sources and grid-connecting lines.

NMC8602 Micro-grid Controlling and Protection Device: to control and protect 6-10 lines. 

NMC8608 Micro-grid Stabilizing Device: to ensure the stable operation of micro-grid. 

NMC8661 Load Controller: to manage all the loads within the micro-grid.

  • Monitoring different types of distributed energy
  • Formulating control strategies according to different optimizing goals
  • Smooth switch between off-grid/ grid-connected modes
  • Interacting with distribution automation system
  • Rational load control strategies to improve power supply reliability

  • Targeted solutions for various types of micro-grid and application sites (building, cottage, villages etc.)
  • Complete product line for comprehensive monitoring, control and energy dispatching of micro-grid
  • Proven micro-grid protection solution
  • Reliable power quality monitoring and optimizing functions
  • Desirable solutions for power supply with high quality both in remote areas