Direct-drive Converter

Direct-drive converter based on variable speed operation of generator stator current, fast, accurate and smooth control for direct-drive wind generator output voltage and power (torque) real-time independent regulation, give direct-drive permanent magnet generator and synchronous generator also excellent output characteristic.

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As a part of wind turbine control system, Direct-drive converter is the bridge and the link between generator and power grid. The frequency and amplitude change of electric power is rectified to DC by generator side converter, and through the PWM vector control technology to convert DC into AC which frequency amplitude value is stable, and finally fed into the grid, to ensure stable and reliable wind turbines and grid connection.
  • Cabinet put oneself in another's position design reach IP54, adopt totally closed cabinet put oneself in another's position.
  • Modular structure design is easy to install and maintenance.
  • Provide standard CANopen communication interface, but also according to customer requirements to profibus-dp and EtherNET and bus communication solutions, such as hardware node.
  • Complete fault record, diagnostics, and convenient debugging interface.