Power Plant Auxiliary

Power Plant Auxiliary

  • Dry Bottom Ash Handling System

    Dry Bottom Ash Handling System

    In normal operation of boiler, the bottom ash ( around 900℃) falls down onto the steel belt conveyor through ash hopper and clinker crusher (i.e. Futong patented pre-crushing bottom doors). The steel belt conveyor works at low speed and conveys...

  • Double Tube Socket

    Double Tube Socket

    DTS(Double tube socket)ash conveying technology, a positive pressure dense phrase pneumatic conveying technology, was emerged in 1980s in foreign countries. Its main characteristics include the inner pipe which has smaller diameter is installed...

  • Water Treatment System

    Water Treatment System

    Water treatment system includes four different kinds of technology: Reclaimed water lime treatment Boiler make up water treatment technology Power Plant Industrial Waste Water Treatment Technology Fluidized bed bio-film waste...

  • Steel Pipe Fittings And Special Pipe Fittings

    Steel Pipe Fittings And Special Pipe Fittings

    Piping and fittings Branch Company is mainly engaged in the research and development on high temperature and/or high-pressure pipe fittings for power plants (Including nuclear power plant) and transportation pipeline, as well their manufacture....