Wind Farm EPC

  • Doubly-fed Wind Power Converter

    Doubly-fed Wind Power Converter

    NARI formed a complete product line, after years of wind power research and development. It can provide a complete wind turbine electrical control system solutions and related products. The NES Series inverter was designed by NARI company which is...

  • Wind Power Control System

    Wind Power Control System

    Main control system as the core of the wind turbine control equipment, completes real-time data and statistical data exchange with monitoring system interface, and has the variable blade control system interface to complete control of the blade. It...

Wind Turbine Control

  • Wind Power Pitch Control System

    Wind Power Pitch Control System

    wind generator unit can realize stable output power above the rated power point. There is no basic change when the power is under rated power and the controller setting pitch angle of blade near 0°, so the wind generator unit are equal to the...

Wind Farm Comprehensive Monitoring

  • NMC8000


    Following the principle of "clean, efficient, automatic and safe micro-grid", and conforming to overall technical standards, Micro-grid products and services of NARI Technology Development Co., Ltd covers all technical fields of micro-grid,...

Wind Power Prediction

  • Direct-drive Wind Power Converter

    Direct-drive Wind Power Converter

    Direct drive converter based on low speed rotation of direct-drive permanent magnet generator for rapid, accurate and smooth control, implementation of direct-drive permanent magnet generator power output (torque) of real-time adjustment, and the...

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