Gate Monitoring Series Product Hardware

Product items under gate monitoring classification are:
Unit intake quick-stop gate system;
Crest outlet flood discharge gate system;
Underport flood discharge or sluice gate system;
Floatage & sewage drainage gate system;
River dam diversion sluice system;
Other common gate control systems in hydropower station

  • Overview
  • Features


1. High reliability

1) The control power supply is DC24V, and PLC power supply is independent of the external I/O power supply;

2 )Use absolute value rotary encoder to measure the gate opening, and the code signal can be directly accessed to relative modules in PLC or converted to the analogy quantity output;

3) Use load encoder to reflect real-time load when lifting gates, set with 90% and 110% load warning signals;

4)  Keep the local manual control for equipments’ start-up and shutdown;

2. Powerful communication functions

1)  Layered and distributed control system structure and advanced field bus technology, supporting multiple communication protocols such asModbus,MB+, Profibus and Ethernet;

2) Enable seamless connection to all superior local control units (LCUs) and various computer monitoring systems;

3. Multiple safety protection functions:

1)Against gate travel limit;

2) Against abnormal gate opening;

3)Against gate overload;

4) Automatic correction function for dual-cylinder hydraulic gate;

5)Automatic lifting function against sliding-down of hydraulic gate

6)Gate speed control

4. Powerful upper computer monitoring functions

1)  Simulation control: Simulate all process flows in gate control without real operation;

2) Flow statistics: Through automatic calculation of respective and accumulated gate discharge, generate flow reports and trend figures;

3)  Flow control: Automatically calculate gate opening according to reservoir inflow, manually-set outflow and water level, adopt consecutive lifting in automatic lifting mode.

4)  Batch control: Porous gate can be controlled in batches or in selected groups.

5) Log management: Record the information of gate and water pump operation as well as operator management;

1,Powerful communication functions and friendly human-machine interface ,convenient for operation and maintenance.

  • Support multiple communication protocols: Modbus, MB+, Profibus and Ethernet;
  • Enable seamless connection to all superior local control units (LCUs) and various computer monitoring systems;
  • Modularize the motor auto-rotation functions to achieve stable and reliable operation;
  • Highly-automatic, simple operation and good maintainability;
  • 2,Smart motor control and complete motor protection functions

  • Time sharing start-up of motor to reduce the impact on power supply bus;
  • Use soft start-up to replace the conventional step-down or full voltage start-up to reduce the impact on the power supply and mechanical equipment;
  • Optional bypass control wiring mode to avoid harmonic wave generated by soft starter and extend its service life;
  • Use soft stop to prevent water hammer effect when shutdown the pumps on load;
  • Complete motor protection functions, including protection against open phase, over-current, under-load (applicable for deep well pump), overload, locked rotor and under-voltage, etc.