Auxiliary Monitoring Series Product Hardware

Achieve automatic and manual control of turbine speed governors with accident shutdown and sequence closing functions. Besides, we provide a set of oil pressure unit and its control system as well.

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Product items under auxiliary monitoring classification are:
Control unit for speed governor oil pressure device system
Control unit for butterfly valve oil pressure device system
Control unit for unit technology water supply system
Control unit for unit head cover water supply system
Control unit for plant leak drainage system
Control unit for unit overhaul drainage system
Control units for HV, MV and LV air compressor systems
Control unit for fire-fighting water supply system
Control unit for ventilation & air conditioning system;
Control unit for ball valve operation cabinet;
Control boxes for various kinds of devices such as oil leakage box, sewage pump and solenoid valve, etc

1,Powerful communication functions and friendly human-machine interface ,convenient for operation and maintenance.

  • Support multiple communication protocols: Modbus, MB+, Profibus and Ethernet;
  • Enable seamless connection to all superior local control units (LCUs) and various computer monitoring systems;
  • Modularize the motor auto-rotation functions to achieve stable and reliable operation;
  • Highly-automatic, simple operation and good maintainability;

2,Smart motor control and complete motor protection functions

  • Time sharing start-up of motor to reduce the impact on power supply bus;
  • Use soft start-up to replace the conventional step-down or full voltage start-up to reduce the impact on the power supply and mechanical equipment;
  • Optional bypass control wiring mode to avoid harmonic wave generated by soft starter and extend its service life;
  • Use soft stop to prevent water hammer effect when shutdown the pumps on load;
  • Complete motor protection functions, including protection against open phase, over-current, under-load (applicable for deep well pump), overload, locked rotor and under-voltage, etc.