NARI Wins Electric Meters Supply Project in Paraguay

Dec 02,2016

On December 1, 2016, NARI won the Electric Meters Supply Project under the bidding of ANDE. This project involves the supply and commissioning works of 350,000 single-phase directly connected electric meters. Up to now, NARI has respectively undertaken LPI756 Transformer Supply Project, 23kV Cable Supply Project and LPI1177 Transformer Supply Project in Paraguay and it has become one of the strongest suppliers of ANDE.

NARI will provide the total solution of the project including schematic design, equipment supply, site commissioning andsystem acceptance. This successful winning fully embodies the Employer’s high affirmation to NARI’s early implementation performance in Paraguay projects and its comprehensive strength. After the project is delivered, it will effectively improve the local power management status, strengthen the local power grid safety and significantly promote the influence of NARI in Paraguay.