NARI Signed Supply Agreement on an Indonesian Prefabricated Substation

Nov 10,2014

On Nov.5th 2014, NARI signed a supply agreement on prefabricated substation for Sulawesi iron mining in Indonesia. The YBW European type prefabricated substations self-developed by NARI enter the Indonesian market for the first time, breaking the western monopoly in Indonesia. NARI will undertake the equipment supply, transportation and installation of this project contract.


Prefabricated substation is a kind of combined substation widely applied in recent years. It is a flexible, multi-functional distribution equipment used to transmit and distribute electricity from high voltage to low voltage system. The YBW prefabricated substation in this project is compact in structure, especially suitable for urban areas, high-tech industrial zones, construction enterprises, and neighborhoods, etc. Its reliability has been approved by our clients. Focusing on client demand as our marketing strategy, NARI organizes multiple technical discussions with the client and the designing institution before striking this deal. And this contract lays foundation for NARI’s products to enter Indonesia and even Southeast Asia in future.