NARI Signed MOU with FUNAE Group of Mozambique


On March 31, 2016, NARI signed MOU for the cooperation in renewable energy power generation field with FUNAEMozambique in the capital of Mozambique – Maputo.Antonio Saide, Chairman of FUNAE was present in signing ceremony.

It is agreed in the MOU that NARI will develop comprehensive cooperation with FUNAE in off-grid PVsystem, large-scale PVstation, etc. in Mozambique.Both parties will develop phase-I negotiation for purchasing contract upon the signing of the MOU, and NARI will provide relevant equipment for photovoltaic power generation for the regions of Mozambique in shortage of power.

FUNAE Group refers to Fund of Energy, and serves as one of the electric power institutions directly under the Ministry of Energy and Mines of Mozambique, and is mainly responsible for oil supply and renewable energy power generation for rural and remote regions of Mozambique, and is a strong participant in electric power market of Mozambique.