NARI’s Participation in Symposium on South-South Cooperation on Climate Change of the United Nations


The “Symposium on South-South Cooperationon Climate Change” was jointly held by United Nations Development Program, United Nations Industrial Development Organization and International Center on Small Hydro Power (IC-SHP)in Hangzhou, China on July 9. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, Wu Hongbo, Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, and Liu Jieyi, the representative of the People's Republic of China to the UN, have attended the meeting. The hydropower company has also attended the meeting as the representative of the innovation base of IC-SHP.

The Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has been present at the meeting and made the speech that energy has played an important role in social and economic development and all countries in the world and the United Nations shall make a joint effort to realize the sustainable development agenda for year 2030 and promote the global peace and prosperity. The government of China has worked closely with the agencies of the United Nations to carry out the cooperation in small hydro power all over the world, which is quite successful and encouraging. He highly appraised the implementation of trilateral cooperation mode between China, Zambia, Ghana and Denmark under the framework of the United Nations and believed that China has accumulated rich experience in the confronting the impact of climate change on environment for many years and this experience can be generalized towards the vast developing countries. He encouraged China to share the technical capacity, knowledge and policy experience with the developing countries through the platforms such as IC-SHP to actively promote the South-South cooperation, give assistance in fighting climate change and benefit the people all over the world.

NARI has always paid attention to the cooperation with IN-SHP. In 2013, NARI became the core member of it; in 2016, IC-SHP cooperated with NARI to establish the innovation base of IC-SHP and became an important platform for training and exchange of IC-SHP and promotion of the latest hydropower technology, making contributions to the implementation of South-South cooperation by the United Nations. The participants also include more than 100 representatives from the UN Headquarters, UN agencies in China, International Divisions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Science and Technology Division of the Ministry of Water Resources, Water Resources Department of Zhejiang Province and the relevant government departments, enterprises and scientific research institutions.