NARI Has Awarded the India Coal Fired Generating Unit Dry Bottom Ash Handling System Project Contract

May 08,2017

On May 3, 2017, NARI Group Corporation has been awarded the contract of dry bottom ash handling system and auxiliary equipment projectcontract of 1 x 800 MW NCTPP coal-fired generating unit in North Chennai, India. This contract awarded means NARI's self-developed dry bottom ash handling system, for first time, breaking into India's high-end market, breaking the monopoly of the Indian market by Magaldi (the industry giant) and Clyde Bergemann(a German company).

This project is operated and invested by TENGEDCO, a power generation company of Tamil Nadu, it islocated 20km north of Chennai. The project has the first 800MW mega-supercritical generating unit of Tamil Nadu, and is the one of largest single unit in India. The whole unit is expected to put into operation in August 2019. The successful signing of the project will help the NARI to expand the Indian power market.

Since India's central government issued the new environmental regulations at the beginning of 2017, the central and local government have attached importance to the new technologies such as water saving, emission reduction, environmental protection, energy-saving. The power generation companies and operating companies of central and of state have shown great interest in related product technology. The dry bottom ash handling system, which is self-developed by NARI Group has been high-profile and finally stood out because of its water-saving, low consumption, environmental protection, resource recycling and low costs on operation and maintenance. At present, this technology has more than 60% market share in the global market with the operating experience and performance of more than 60 sets of 1000MW generating units.This overall advanced technology is mature and reliable,and has reached the international leading level.