NARI Group Signed the Contract of Australia 2.6MW rooftop PPA PV Project

Apr 30,2014

In mid-April 2014, NARI Group signed Australia 2.6MW rooftop PPA project contracts through the efforts made on the exploration of overseas markets, which marks the innovation of business model, and a successful implementation of the industrial model upgrade.

Since 2010, Australia maintains a steady growth in the PV market, where the roof project still occupies the dominant position. The ratio of medium-sized commercial projects keeps growing, and the ground projects are also increasing. Based on the PV market situation in Australia, NARI has embraced innovative financing suggestions from China ECIC, banks and other financial agencies, actively adapting to the international market, and successfully signed a sales contract of 2.6MW rooftop project with the Australian partnership. The signature of the rooftop project represents a successful implementation of the industrial model upgrades, opening a new era in Australian new energy sectors. Also it provides a practical basis for the diversification of NARI's overseas business.