A delegation led by former Chairman of the Power Grid Corporation of India visited NARI Group

Oct 29,2018

Contributor: Yan Wenyi, Domestic Subcontracting Department I

On October 22, Mr. Nayak, the former chairman of Power Grid Corporation of India, visited the NARI Group with a delegation of 5 people. Hu Jiangyi, Deputy Secretary of party committee and Deputy General Manager of NARI Group, attended the meeting. Representatives from NARI International Business Company and NARI Power Grid Branch Company also participated in the meeting.

At the meeting, the Indian delegation expressed high recognition of the scientific research and technical strength as well as the broad industrial scale of NARI Group, and the delegation gave a detailed description of the general development, technical requirements and standards, specific product needs of the India market. Mr. Hu Jiangyi introduced the development of NARI's international business, and also discussed the cooperation possibilities in India market in terms of manufacture, marketing, technology and so on. Both parties are looking forward to further strengthening the cooperation of relevant technology and products, and making joint efforts to open up India market, especially in fields of smart substation, distribution automation, renewable energy and so on to achieve win-win situation.

The Indian delegation also visited the exhibition hall, production lines and key laboratories of NARI Group, who expressed recognition of the high-tech products and advanced independent R&D capabilities of NARI.

At present, the total installed power capacity of India is 344GW, and there is still about 160 million people lacking electricity. The average annual electricity consumption is about 1122 kw per capita in India, which is about 20% of the world level. Before 2020, India plans to invest about $1.7 trillion USD in power infrastructure. The visit of the Indian delegation this time has brought new opportunities for NARI Group to develop its business in India.