NARI Group Corporation Participated in Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia Energy Interconnection

Oct 29,2018

Contributor: Pei Guoqing, Domestic Subcontracting Department of NARI International Company

The Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia Energy Interconnection Development Forum was held in Beijing on October 16, 2018. Representatives of NARI Group participated in this forum. 

This forum was hosted by Mr. Wu Xuan, Secretary-General of the Global Energy Interconnection Development Cooperation Organization(GEIDCO). Mr. Liu Zhenya, Chairman of the GEIDCO delivered a keynote speech. Mr. Li Ye, Executice Director General, for Regulation of National Energy Administration and Mr. Liu Hongpeng, Director of the Energy Department of the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) also delivered a speech respectively. 

At the Forum, Zhou Yuanbin, Director-General of Economic and Technical Institute of GEIDCO, released “A Research Report on Northeast Asia Energy Interconnection Plan” and Li Juan, Deputy Director of the Economic and Technical Institute of GEIDCO also delievered released “A Research Report on Southeast Asia Energy Interconnection Plan” at the forum. In addition, representatives from Japan Softbank Energy Group, Korea Energy Economics Research Institute, Malaysian Electric Power Company, Kazakhstan Environmental Organization Trust Fund, China Electric Construction Group and other well-known domestic and overseas organizations and enterprises also actively participated in the discussion and talked freely about their understanding and confidence in the energy interconnection in Northeast and Southeast Asia.  

At the Forum, NARI Group made wide exchanges with the participating units about our own research and development achievements on UHV AC and DC products in accordance with the energy interconnection plan for the next 30 years in the two major regions as well as related contents of “A Research Report on Northeast Asia Energy Interconnection Plan” and “A Research Report on Southeast Asia Energy Interconnection Plan”, which has laid a solid foundation for the “Going Out Policy” of NARI Group.