NARI International Business Company Visited Vietnam AIT Group

Oct 23,2018

Contributor: Wang Guangguo, Solar Department II

On October 16, 2018, NARI International Business Company paid a visit to Vietnam Advanced Information Technology Group (AIT) to have an in-depth discussion and exchange with the Chairman and Director, Mr. Hoang Thanh Hai, and Deputy Director, Mr. Pham Hong Ha, as well as other members in the area of smart substation, transmission, photovoltaic and power fields in Vietnam.

During this visit, NARI International Business Company learned about the future development plan and bidding plan of Vietnamese smart substation and discussed the possibility of bilateral cooperation in digital substation, power transmission, EPC of substation, solar power plant, etc. The staff from Material and Import & Export Department, Project Management Department also joined the meeting. AIT expressed its recognition of NARI technology and products and hopes to cooperate with NARI in Vietnam.

Thermal generation takes up 34.6% of Vietnamese Energy, and hydropower and gas account for 38.3% and 19.2% respectively. At present, the Vietnam government is making great efforts to increase the share of renewable energy. Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), the power grid corporation of this country is in charge of the national distribution, transmission and power supply. Vietnam government will exempt imports of goods that comprise the fixed assets of solar projects to make Vietnam a big solar power market in Southeast Asia. Vietnamese medium-low voltage substations reach 81,141MVA, and 121,515MVA from 110kV to 550kV levels. Correspondently, the medium-low voltage transmission lines span 476,572km with the length of 44,210km above 110kV. Most substations and transmission lines are planned and modified to meet the increasing demand of electricity consumption.

AIT takes a leading role in substation, transmission and smart substation in Vietnam. NARI has deepened its understanding of Vietnamese power industry through this visit and exchange. The two sides have laid a solid foundation for further exploration of the local power market.