Innovation Base of International Cener on Small Hydropower was established in NARI


On 30rd,March, the 2016 Work Summary Meeting of Core Members and Base Director of International Center on Small Hydropower(hereby referas the Center), also the inauguration ceremony of the Innovation Base of the Center was convened in Nanjing, with the Center as the host and undertaken by NARI GROUP CORPORATION. Mr. Zhang Zhitong, the General Planer of the Ministry of Water Conservancy and Mr. Xi Guofu, the president of NARI unveiled the nameplate of the Innovation Base of the Center together. Many other leaders also attended the meeting, including, Mr. Xing Yuanyue , the Hydropower Inspector of the Ministry of Water Conservancy, Miss Cheng Xialei, the Director of the Center, Mr. Liu Deyou, the Vice Director of the Center, Mr. Ye Jian, the Vice Director of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Water Resources, Mr. Qi Minghong, the Vice Director of Management Committee of Jiangning Development District(which is a district of Nanjing and is where the NARI's headquater located), Mr. Wu Weining, the Vice President of NARI.

Mr. Zhang Zhitong gave high appraisal of the Center’s work achievements. He extended warm congratulations on the successful opening of this meeting and inauguration of the Innovation Base, hoping that NARI, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Water Resources, together with the local government could actively support the development of the Innovation Base, promote advantages of NARI in the world hydropower industry, enhance international cooperation on small hydropower, facilitate innovation in small hydropower technology, operation and management.

Mr. Xi Guofu gave a welcome speech and expressed NARI’s resolve in deepening cooperation with the Center and enhancing support for the Innovation Base. He promised that NARI would uphold the development principle of the Innovation base and constitute a comprehensive cooperation platform for all related parties. NARI Water Resources and Hydropower Company, one of the core members of the Center, also the operation institution of the Innovation Base, gave the topic report of Commitment to the Innovation Base, Contribution to the International Small Hydropower.

International Center on Small Hydropower is cofounded by United Nations Industrial Development Organization, United Nations Development Program and the Chinese government. It is committed to building an international communication platform for small hydropower, promoting continuousand healthy development of the world small hydropower industry.