Cambodian Stung Atay Hydropower Station Was Successfully Put into Service

Jun 30,2013

On June 30 2013, Cambodian Stung Atay  hydropower station was successfully put into service after the 72-hour trail operation of the last units. NARI provided monitoring system, turbine speed governor system and hydrological telemetering and water resources dispatching system.


Cambodian Stung Atay hydropower station is located by the Atay River, upstream branch of Stung Russei Chrum River which is in the west of Cambodia. The total capacity of the station is 120MW, with the average annual energy output of 455MW•hour, annual utilization hour of 3989 hours. This station plays a significant role in solving the electricity supply shortage in Cambodia. The systems NARI offered has gained high reputation of users.


Hydropower Automation Products, self-developed by NARI, have been proved advanced in the leading position in plenty of overseas projects. NARI had already provided automation products and on-site services for the Kamchay, Tatay River,and  Stung Russei Chrum hydropower station in Cambodia.