2017 International Training Workshop on Smart Grid Technology undertaken by NARI has come to a Successful Ending


“ The 2017 International Training Workshop on Smart Grid Technology ” was held from Sep 11 to 25, 2017 in Nanjing,which is sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC and undertaken by NARI. 18 trainees from Philippines, Thailand, Mongolia, Iran and Brazil have attended this training course. Based on the theme of smart grid, the workshop has been provided with the training modules such as smart grid, microgrid, smart substations automation, smart power distribution and utilization, substation network communication technology, solar electrical energy generation technology and total solution, smart grid dispatching products and total solution of NARI. This training not only fully embodies NARI’s strength on smart grid technology and enhance the NARI’s influences among the developing countries,but also benefits greatly the trainees to enlarge and strengthen the knowledge and accumulate actually useful experiences on smart grid technology, which will bring very positive and meaningful influences on the further developments of smart grid technology to their countries. Additionally,this training also enhances the mutual understanding of the electric power markets of various countries and promotes the coming cooperations on the engineering projects in the relevant countries.