CSR for Olkaira-Lessos-Kisumu Transmission Lines Construction Project: Lot2 in Kenya

May 07,2018

As a state – owned enterprise, NARI has always been dedicated to perform corporation social responsibility. To be the overseas pioneer of NARI, among the steady progress of Olkaria-Lessos-Kisumu Transmission Lines Construction Project: Lot2 in Kenya, NARI project team actively enters the local society and executes CSR, to cooperate and develop with local people and government harmoniously, which has earned the reputation and set up the image of a responsible enterprise.

Since March of 2018, the rain season was intense in Kenya. On 25th April, a stone bridge was damaged by rainstorm. That bridge was not only the sole access for that construction segment, but also the crucial channel for local people’s living. As the bridge was located in mountain area of Western Kenya where the condition was poor and shortage of machineries and construction ability. The local government – Nandi County found NARI’s project camp for assistance.

NARI project team launched the inspection immediately, and arranged site meeting for construction safety and scheme cautiously. For availing the local people and setting corporate image, NARI project team utilized the machineries and coordinated the staffs of Olkaria project to rush repair the bridge under the guidance of local infrastructure department. After hours’ struggle, the bridge had been paved and the access was opened finally.

Nandi County fully admired NARI’s active assistance and efficient cooperation. The consultant of Olkaria project supervised during the whole process, and also commended NARI’s CSR performance and reported to employer of project – Kenya Electricity Transmission Co. Ltd.

The Olkaria project progresses smoothly, and would be completed on November 2018.