Baishan Hydropower Plant Unit State Monitoring and Protection System

Total installed capacity of Baishan Hydropower Plant is 2,000,MW and the design generation is 2,958,GWH. 5 sets of Francis unit with unit capacity of 300MW were installed in phase I and phase II of Baishan Hydropower Plant, 2 sets of pump storage unit with unit capacity of 150MW were installed in phase III, and 4 sets of Kaplan unit with unit capacity of 50MW were installed in Hongshi Hydropower Station in 39km away downstream.

Acquire 64-way sensor channel data for each unit, including the monitoring points of the types like vibration, swing, pressure pulsation, air gap, magnetic flux density, partial discharge, stator winding end vibration, cavitation and cavitation erosion, stator temperature, environmental noise, etc.