Udan Open 3000 EMS system

The following picture shows the project’s contract:

The modification project was an important construction project of National Electricity Corporation (NEC). Now the control center is operated by Sudan Electric Transmission Company. During the project research, the leaders and the experts of NEC, and a employed German international consulting company named Lahmeyer conducted detailed investigation on worldwide EMS suppliers. Relying on knowledge and expertise, the NARI-TECH OPEN-3000 SCADA/EMS system gained the trust of NEC. After NARI-TECH wined the bidding, the president of the NEC attended the project signing ceremony and met the NARI representatives personally, and also during the contract implementation, he visited China electric power research institute. NEC had high expectations for the project and put forwarded high requirements. With cooperation from Sudan NLDC, NARI completed the project internal test, factory test, site test and the availability test successfully. Furthermore, NARI offered nearly 10 batches of technology training to Sudan electric power dispatching center to help the local staff have a better understanding of the system. During the commissioning, all power plants and substations from different vendors, including SIEMENS, ABB, GE and NARI, were smoothly integrated into the new SCADA system; various graphic user interfaces brought great convenience to both end users and maintenance engineers. Advanced applications, such as AGC, DTS, hydrothermal coordination (HTC), economic dispatching, etc., were first applied in Sudan NLDC practically.

The following picture shows the products in the site: