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Lengjia 66 kV Direct-connect High-voltage Static VAR Generator (SVG)

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Liaoning Lengjia 66kV Static VAR Generator (SVG) supplied by C-EPRI sets a precedent in the industry worldwide, which effectively improves the system voltage stability and solves the dynamic reactive power problem of offshore wind power grid connection.
C-EPRI won the bid on July 23, 2021. 1 # SVG and 2 # SVG has been in operation respectively on September 3 and July 1, 2022. The on-site construction and commissioning took 63 days in total.
Based on the advanced technology of 66kV direct-connect SVG, the overall delay of SVG control system is reduced and SVG response speed is improved. The valve-side current of SVG is reduced, and operation loss situation of SVG is improved. 
In addition, in the local power grid in Liaoning province where Lengjia project is located, a number of 500kV substations are not fully adapted to the 35kV side of the new main transformers in the field of wind power transmission. Lengjia project and the 66kV direct-connect SVG technology has provided fast, effective, diversified means of large-capacity voltage and reactive power regulation. It serves the functions of flexible adjustment and stabilization of the grid voltage level and improvement the reactive power support capacity of the power transmission channel.
The project also supports China’s energy conservation and emission reduction policy and the design philosophy of "more silicon less copper".

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