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C-EPRI: OLT for the Low-end of Jiuquan — Hu’nan Bi-pole UHVDC Transmission Project Completed Successfully

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On March 9, the Open Line Test (OLT) for the low-ends of Jiuquan — Hunan ±800KV bi-pole UHVDC Transmission Project (hereinafter referred to as the Projectwas completed successfully. C-EPRIs converter valve technology passed another functional verification. Successful completion of the test indicates that the low-end lines of the bi-pole Project formally enters into the system commissioning phase.


The Project, serving as the main artery of Chinas West-East Power Transmission plan, would effectively ease the imbalance between supply and demand of electricity in central China and be helpful for large-scale wind and coal power development in Gansu Province. The project is of great significance for ensuring energy safety and promoting clean energy development and economic growth.

OLT, as a must-do test before any system commissioning tests, is an important method to check insulation levels of HVDC equipment and transmission lines. The test also examines the triggering coordination between VBE and converter valves.

It is reported that relevant technical personal of C-EPRI will continue to work hard on sites to make full preparations for a total of 435 in-station and inter-station system commissioning tests. OLT paves the way to ensure that relevant high-end and low-end commissioning tasks of the project can be completed in time.


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