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GEIRI attends the 46th CIGRE Session in Paris

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Beijing, China, August 26th, 2016 – A group of seven HVDC experts from Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute (GEIRI), led by Dr. Guangfu Tang, GEIRI’s Vice President, took part in the 46th CIGRE Session from August 22nd to 26th in Paris. This is the fourth time that GEIRI sent its HVDC team to the world’s most influential event to introduce China’s HVDC technological achievements.

The working groups that GEIRI experts are involved in include

CIGRE AG.04 – HVDC system performance advisory group

CIGRE B4.72 - DC grid benchmark models for system studies

CIGRE C4/B4.38 - Network Modelling for Harmonic Studies

CIGRE B4.70 - Guide for Electromagnetic Transient Studies involving VSC converters

CIGRE C6.31 - Medium Voltage Direct Current (MVDC) Grid Feasibility Study

As the convener of CIGRE B4.72 working group, Dr. Ting AN chaired a workshop focusing on DC Grid standard models. GEIRI experts delivered 5 special reports at CIGRE B4 and A3 plenary meetings, including ‘Criteria for Modeling of HVDC/HVAC Networks’, ‘DC Fault Clearing Applications and Fault Current Limiting for VSC-HVDC’, ‘A Novel Method to Mitigate Commutation Failures of LCC-HVDC’, ‘A Successful Experience of Thyristor Valve Protective Firing Setting in UHVDC’, ‘The Energy Dissipation of HVDC Circuit Breaker’. These reports have attracted the audience and were heatedly discussed among researchers and industrial professionals.

As a leading research institute in the field of smart grid technologies, GEIRI has made a series of technological breakthrough thanks to its continued innovation and consistent research efforts. By participating in the biennial CIGRE Session, GEIRI has not only made its voice heard, but also enhanced its reputation in the international arena. 

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