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C-EPRI believes that R&D is what our core competitiveness relies on and constitutes the foundation stone for its sustainable development. With this vision, C-EPRI has over the years been investing heavily in R&D, which in return pays off well.

C-EPRI launched its self-developed A5000 UHVDC converter valve rated at ±800kV/4750A in 2010, the highest ratings worldwide. At the end of 2011, C-EPRI R&D team once again astonished the world with the record-breaking ±1100kV/5000AUHVDC converter valve finishing type tests. In the field of VSC-HVDC, C-EPRI developed its 1st generation M60 converter valve in 2010, which was then upgraded to the 2nd generation M2000 converter valve at the end of 2012.

M2000 is rated at ±320kV/1000MW, by far the highest ratings of its kind. In addition to converter valve, C-EPRI also launched an HVDC control &protection system entitled FLECON1000-CP in 2014. Sustained investment in R&D has put C-EPRI at a leading position with regard to HVDC connections and transmissions. Currently, C-EPRI is China’s first HVDC solution provider and the third in the world.

With years’ accumulation of expertise and experience, C-EPRI has cultivated by itself a mature R&D team with a vast reserve of talents, which allows it to perform various HVDC-related activities, such as system analysis, valve electrical design, control & protection design, structural design, on-site commissioning, etc.

C-EPRI also opens the door to welcome talents from all over the world. By taking the advantage of “Overseas high-level talents introduction plan” initiated by Chinese government, C-EPRI attracted three senior experts from UK respectively in 2010, 2012 and 2013. The multi-source and multi-level talent pool enables C-EPRI to keep its commitment to continuous innovation and creativity.

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